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Etisalat logo - Du logo for iPhone

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Would you like to have Etisalat Logo appear on your iphone.

Here you can find a step by step instruction on how to put Etisalat logo / Du logo or any Carrier logo on your iphone.

In short download the zip file, it contains 2 folders that should be copied under /Systems/Library/Carrier Bundles/.


download etisalat ipcc file and update using your iTunes.

before etisalat logo after etisalat logo

To add Etisalat logo on your iPhone or any carrier logo on your iPhone, i had to get the information on how to create the Carrier Bundle from the carrier bundle generator from http://www.volkspost.de/carrierbundle/

Then got Etisalat logo as shown in the picture above and created a zip file contains the logo with settings to identify Etisalat SIM card when inserted.

The story began when iTune prompts a small window suggesting to update carrier setting on your iphone, and changed the ETIS... to etisalat on my iphone, and couldn't force it to happen again.

while writing this article i got to know that you can force it by this cmd from windows “%ProgramFiles%\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1 as described in this article How to Upgrade ipcc through iTunes 8.2(tutorial)

any way here is the Step by Step instructions.

  1. Download iPhoneBrowser from http://code.google.com/p/iphonebrowser/downloads/list
  2. Install iPhoneBrowser
  3. Make sure iPhone is jailbroken and iTunes is installed before running iPhoneBrowser
  4. Download Etisalat_ae.bundle but please register first
  5. Start iPhoneBrowser and navigate to /Systems/Library/Carrier Bundles
  6. Open Etisalat_ae.bundle and copy folders 42401 and 42402 only to the above path.
  7. Restart your iPhone.
  8. That's it Congratulation.
















You can use the etisalat / Du iphone ipcc file  that already has Etisalat / Du logo and install it using iTunes.

Using these files does the following:
• Adds an etisalat or du carrier logo
• Enables "Cellular Data Network Menu in Settings>General>Network and fills in the data, MMS, and roaming voicemail settings for Etisalat and Du .
• In OS 3.0+ they enable the 'Internet Tethering' toggle in Settings>Network. (In OS 3.1 Apple now requires .ipcc files to be signed by apple before tethering will work. The Dev-Team are working on a jailbreak to remove this requirement.)
• Enables the following UAE emergency dialing codes: 999 (police) 998 (fire) & 997 (ambulance)
• Enables Network Identity and Time Zone (automatically updates the system clock on some carriers)
• Adds a services menu with useful numbers for various du and etisalat services in Settings>Phone>(Carrier Name)

To install a custom .ipcc file:
1. Download the latest custom .ipcc file to your computer.
2. Enable carrier testing mode in iTunes.
3. If you are using a mac, then hold down Option-click "Check for Updates" in the iPhone Summary tab in iTunes. If you are using Windows, Shift-click "Check for Updates". Locate the .ipcc file and select it. Your iPhone will now update. This takes just a couple of seconds.
4. Immediately select Settings>General>Reset>Reset All Settings.
5. Your iPhone will reboot. You should now see a custom carrier logo in the top left hand corner and be able to access the Cellular Data Network menu in Settings>General>Network. ( it is better to delete "etisalat.ae" from APN if you dont want to use your credit to surf internet, for Du add any bla bla in APN to prevent it from accessing internet.)

You can download the latest version of the custom etisalat .ipcc & du .ipccfile directly from downloads.

Last Updated on Friday, 26 March 2010 13:09